Just For Fun: A Tiny Case of Kirin Beer

So I was at the store recently buying some mix for my vodka when I saw the cutest thing. A tiny case of beer. I’m not sure what the point of it was. Who would drink half of a can and be like “Well. That’s all for me!” I had to get a picture.

Here it is with the cans of mixer I bought

It was so tiny I started to wonder what it would look like with other objects. I started out with the eggs first, made my way to the milk section, and finally the insecticides.

I wanted to find things that were more “Taiwanese” so I headed over to the instant noodle aisle. They’re usually the most popular items during typhoon scares; kind of like the bread and milk of the US.


Then it was off to the candy and chips aisles which are always fun to browse while at the store. Sometimes I can find Kinder eggs and every now and then I’ll buy one for amusement.

My favorite aisle is where they keep the sauce. I’m the type of person who would have a Tabasco key ring if it we’re big enough to provide enough sauce without being ridiculous. Oh well, I can dream.


After that, I was starting to worry an employee would think I was insane and kick me out so I finished at the sales section. Usually here they have discounted canned goods and personal care products. At the nicer stores they have cute dishes and chopsticks or fun touristy stuff to take home on the next trip.

And finally it was time to part ways. I thought about buying it, but sometimes you just have to accept it wasn’t meant to last.


Farewell Tiny Case of beer!

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