All about me!

I’m a 30-something woman who’s spent the last 10 years living and traveling in Asia. Taiwan has been my home for most of that time, but I also lived in South Korea and attended a TESOL course in Thailand. I’ve done a bit of traveling here in Taiwan as well as around Asia, usually alone, which has been pretty exciting because it’s easy to make friends and meet people on the Asian circuits.

Teaching English is what I do and I find the work very enjoyable. I especially love teaching grades 1 through 4 and know lots of fun games and activities. Reading and Writing are my favorite subjects to teach! I hope to share some games and techniques with my readers.

This year is very special though because it’s my last one in Asia. I have decided to return to the US in the Fall to be with family and become a licensed teacher. I hope it will be an easy transition and want to share my experience with others. To say I am nervous or scared would be an understatement, but I am very excited to start a new chapter in my home country.